• Hello KittyVocal Hello KittyLet's dress up!
  • PochacoLead guitar PochacoI'll do my best in playing!
  • CinnamorollLead guitar CinnamorollLet's do our best!
  • ChococatBass ChococatPlease listen to me play!
  • Bad Badtz-MaruBass Bad Badtz-MaruI'll get the party started!
  • My MelodySide Guitar My MelodyI love music
  • KuromiSide Guitar KuromiLet's get the party started with me!
  • KeroppiDrums KeroppiI look cool right?
  • TuxedosamDrums TuxedosamLet's have fun!
Earn points by solving puzzles!Collect instruments and outfits with points you have earned!Once you have selected your outfit, let's get on rhythm and have fun at the concert!
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