For hundreds of years a vast tranquil forest gently protected the people of the Castle Town. However, peculiar occurrences began to occur which made the outskirts of the Castle Town a daunting place to venture into. In order to explore the origins of these occurrences that suddenly occurred in the forest, a courageous duo head out for an adventure. Excave II ~Wizard of the Underworld~ is an action packed dungeon crawling game where the player powers through enemy hordes.


There are two main playable characters in the game!  A male character who is skilled in close-counter attacks with strong striking power, and a fast moving female character that has variety of attack methods. Conquer each dungeon by selecting the most appropriate character, each of which wields weapons individually tailored to their attacking style!

Head out for an adventure

There are five unique dungeons that the player will pass through as they head towards the bosses that are each protecting their areas.  Whenever and wherever you are, players can always leave the dungeon when they like allowing them to move forward throughout the game on their own pace.  However, not only will players be sent back to the Castle Town, but they will also lose an item if they are unable to complete a stage from lack of energy level.
Even after defeating enemies in all of the preset dungeons, players can enjoy attempting to fully collect the hundreds of items available, and also clearing special challenge dungeons and random dungeons.

Weapons and items you can equip

There are 9 different types of weapons hidden in the dungeons as well as magic items, a variety of armor and food that boosts the players abilities. Since there is a limit to how many items a player can possess, there is a chance you may not be able to take home an item you have found… The key is to identify which items you truly need to conquer a dungeon.
There are a ton of other items hidden inside the dungeons.

Unidentified Goods

Unidentified items will have to be brought back to the Castle Town in order for them to be identified. It is possible to equip yourself with an unidentified item and for it to be used whilst in a dungeon or use a magic item to identify it.

Aid Item

Any food that was obtained inside a dungeon will have an effect only for a fixed time.  You can eat multiple food at once and the effects will be multiplied accordingly. It is also important when you decide to eat your food inside the dungeon.


Players will not be able to use weapons in a dungeon that are broken from being used too much. You can always go back to the Castle Town to get it fixed at the Blacksmith, but you can also throw your weapon away based on the number of items you currently possess. It will be wise to you prepare a few weapons in advance before you head into a dungeon.

Unique Powers

Each weapon and magic has its own power level. It is important to properly use a weapon/magic based on the enemy you are fighting against to see its full effect.

Strengthening of Characters

Your character will become stronger and stronger by finding and equipping yourself with  powerful weapons and armors found within the dungeon. Challenge a dungeon as many times as you want, and find as many weapons as you can!


・Title: Excave II~Wizard of the Underworld~ ・Genre: Dungeon RPG Action ・System: 3DS/3DS LL ・Release Date: March 2015 ・Price: $10.00 ・Number of Players: 1 ・File Size: 598 Blocks ・Save Data: 1 ・Age Rating: ESRB E ・Publisher: Bergsala Lightweight LLC ・Developer: Mechanic Arms