HELLO KITTY and the Apron of Magic Rhythm Cooking♪

Character Lot’s of Hello Kitty’s family and Sanrio friends will appear!
Rhythm Cooking  This is a game where singing together
with Sanrio characters and cooking are combined ♪
Visit a characters house and choose a recipe you want to make. Let’s start cooking as soon as preparations are done!
Just by tapping the lower screen in time with the rhythm cooking can be done! Make sure to time the tap when the round mark lights up !
The more friends you have the more recipes you can make! As soon as completed – its eating time!
We now present the cooking songs! Enjoy rhythm cooking by memorizing the songs!
Apron Town  In Apron Town there are lots of fun things to do such as a playing mini games, picture taking and card collecting ♪
Choose your character and immediately lets play around Apron Town! When playing Rhythm Cooking your Sanrio Friends will come to Apron Town.
You can play mini games by talking to the Sanrio characters!
Increase stamps by playing rhythm cooking and mini games! If you receive a lot of stamps 1 Apron Card will be received. All together there are 146 cards! Try hard to collect them all!
Take picture together with Hello Kitty, My Melody and other frames!